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Rocket Science: Artist Statement

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1st July

Artist Statement – Rocket Science
Craig MacDonald

Rocket Science

Rocket Science is the expression of a unique vision in drawings and sculpture that references pivotal events in modern history, with a wry look at the blind faith the West has in technology to realise the Colonial dream. It seems to be both the universal journey and the heroic path to explore our limitations and go where no other (supposedly) has gone before. To discover new horizons and resources when all else has been exploited, is the retro-futuristic fantasy of businessmen and multinationals everywhere.

Craig MacDonald deals with these subjects with a warmth and ironic humour that is edifying, as we contemplate the innocent and heroic qualities of Ham – Space Monkey preparing to go into space or the colonial soldier watching the might of Brittanica turn the desert to glass.  Today, few Australians are …

Montalto Sculpture Prize 2011

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5th January

Craig MacDonald – Winner of the Montalto Sculpture Prize 2011 – Witness

Hovering just above the surface of the ground, Witness appears as if from another time – aged and totem like its presence and movement is a reminder that time is not static and what has been seen before can be witnessed again.